Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DONALD TRUMP DACA DEPORTATIONS SET TO BEGIN: The King Of Direct Marketing and DRTV Is He About To Win?

Donald Trump is the greatest promoter of all time and the most brilliant direct marketer ever. This guy got paid over $200 million to run his own infomercial during prime time.  That's brilliant!

Watching Donald Trump run for President has been amazing, amusing, shocking and often surreal.

You couldn't turn the TV set on in August without seeing him wage war against the World and Republican Party without spending a dime in media.

He dominated TV nationally because we were all engaged in a real life reality series.

Why has he been so successful?  It's simple people are pissed off and if the Republicans don't nominate him chances are they'll nominate world famous neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson.

I actually think that Charlie Gasparino of Fox News and Fox Business News has called the reason Donald Trump will walk away...he's cheap.  Even though Donald Trump says he's self funding he still hasn't mobilized the necessary ground troops with a $200 million check and he dropped the bombshell Sunday when he said if he faded in the polls he'd drop out.

To me the king of all DRTV and media dropped his glove and said, here's my exit strategy, "if I drop in the polls I'll go back to work."

I like Trump because he's created the greatest pitch ever in politics, he's telling people he can't be bought, but can he stomach the expense of writing the big check of $200 million to open offices and then go to work staffing a full fledged campaign?  I'm like Charlie Gasparino, I doubt it. It's almost like he wants to implode just so he can save face and avoid writing that huge check.

                                             written by Brad Richdale