Sunday, October 5, 2014

What Every DRTV Entrepreneur Can Learn From "Brian Grazer" And Ron Howard's The Good Lie By Brad Richdale

I wrote an article that is particularly important for Entrepreneurs to be aware of, namely trends.  The trend in Hollywood right now is that faith based films are doing huge numbers and making a lot of money.

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard know that faith based family films aren't just doing well at the box office, they are also doing well in Pay Per View, DVD sales and of course DVD rentals.  Faith based films are a trend that great Hollywood producers can't ignore. If you are in DRTV or direct response you must be aware when trends exist and capitalize of those trends. You can only do this by being aware and inquisitive at all times.

Their new film, THE GOOD LIE with Reese Witherspoon  is facing off against Nic Cage starring in LEFT BEHIND.  The full story and trailer for THE GOOD LIE is here

                                                     By Brad Richdale Author