Sunday, July 14, 2013

The First Appearance Of Steve Jobs When He Returned To APPLE

I'm not sunned that Steve Jobs was told to leave the company he founded.  People with ADHD (something I know a lot about) aren't easy to work with.

Of course Steve Jobs from the moment he was re-invited back into Apple drove the stock of Apple to a value increase of 9,000 percent before he passed away.

Richard Branson doesn't consider Steve Jobs an Entrepreneur, he considers him a micro manager.  I have news for Sir Richard Branson he should speak with Apple and Disney shareholders (the company that acquired Pixar which he acquired and made into a movie studio) about his claim that Steve Jobs wasn't an Entrepreneur.

Richard's claim that Steve Jobs wasn't an Entrepreneur is perhaps the dumbest comment I've ever heard about Steve Jobs.

                                              written by Brad Richdale Author