Saturday, July 19, 2014

FACEBOOK CONNECT And Frank Kern Make It Easy For Advertisers to Make Money (NASDAQ:FB) by "Brad Richdale"

Frank Kern recently sat down with Andy Jenkins and his partner to review how they've made a lot of money fast on FACEBOOK NASDAQ: FB .

Facebook is now following you all over the internet to see what you're buying (that's creepy but it's the world we live in).

With years of sending direct mail as a core part of my lifetime resume of direct marketing and direct sales we always focused first and foremost on the lists we were testing versus our target buyer.  Now FACEBOOK (NASDAQ:FB) is doing that electronically.

They're even guaranteeing your acquisition cost much like the Google Display Network (something you should learn from my friend Perry Marshall). This is critically important for DRTV and direct response TV advertisers and marketers.

There's a lot of great information in this video and you should take notes and watch it three times in three days to get the full effect especially if like me you have ADHD.

Frank Kern missed his calling as a stand up comedian.

                                                    written by Brad Richdale