Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Cancer Treatment Centers of America", DRTV and Direct Response Marketing by "Brad Richdale"

Today I was watching TV and saw an ad from Cancer Treatment Centers Of America.  The ad was produced to insert within programs like the 700 Club. Typically time within these programs which are paid programs isn't that expensive in terms of cost per thousand (CPM).

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, (the account is represented by a friend of mine) did a commercial completely devoted to the spiritual aspect of prayer for healing specifically targeting Christians. The story of the woman in the commercial really gets your attention as she tells the viewer that soon after her husband is dead and gone she is told she has cancer.  This is the key to commercials and episodic TV is similar you need to give a story that engages the viewer, often with back story so the viewer is glued to his or her seat waiting for the plot to unfold.  This commercial succeeds in creating a story that knocks you over and then offers the solution for Christians showing them they will get prayer and have their spiritual needs met.

The technology company I run is focused primarily on the only patented treatment of a side effect that approximately 65% of breast cancer chemotherapy treatment patients get called CIPN.  Approximately 35% of all chemotherapy patients get CIPN.  CIPN is one of the top reasons why patients cease chemotherapy.  We are clinically testing and then selling a solution that the market is starving for.  A market that is hungry for your solution especially when you have the only solution is the best product and market mix you can ever have.

In this two minute commercial that's what comes across clearly to the viewer, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is uniquely focused on the spiritual aspect of your treatment protocol.  No one else speaks to that audience and the commercial is a great example of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America does address that need.

When you add and discover benefits, not features of your product and uniquely extol them to your audience you increase the reasons one should buy from you.

Remember it is critically important to any DRTV, direct response TV or direct response television offer to have a believable story that hooks people right at the start of the commercial that's where this spot is brilliant. The story pulls you in and does so in seconds.

                                                   written by Brad Richdale Author

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